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    Pictures from the Event (Meet and Greet) Pictures from the Event (Concert)     Venue Information   PlayStation Theater is a kid friendly venue.  The theater will have PlayStation video games available for play.  Since alcohol is served, any child under 16 years of age will need to be accompanied by an adult.   The venue has 600 seats…

To purchase tickets, click here   Kchiporros – Sistema Solar (Video oficial) Viajando Voy Video (Click here) Fiesta Patronal (Click here) Kchiporros – NEGRITA (Video oficial) Promo video below

2018  Programa de becas – Paraguayan American Scholarship Program     Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship winners! A ceremony was held on July 27 at  “I Love Paraguay”  to honor the recipients.        

CONPARMUSA  awarded  three $1,000 scholarships for 1st year Paraguayan American students entering college in the fall of 2017. Congratulations and best of luck to our 2017 recipients.      

Thanks for donating!!   Clara La Escuela Basica No. 2207 Cayo Benjamin Miranda Diaz located in Tapytangua Guazu, in the city of Acahay Paraguay offers children education from Kindergarten to 6th grade. The Students are in need of the following: School supplies, uniforms, books, clothes, shoes, jackets, desks, chairs, toiletries, hygiene supplies for all students and more!  Along with Conparmusa…

Carole has always helped out in her own way to the less fortunate. She brought food to the food pantry every month and donated to many charities. Having exposure to Paraguay, she understood the many hardships that existed there.   Your donation will help support the many missions of this Paraguayan American Non Profit organization.

Migrantes en USA proponen inscripción electoral vía Internet “Desde afuera vemos que nuestro país está volviendo atrás”

2013 Febrero Comunicado Programa de anteojos  2013 February Press Release Eyeglass Program   2013 Diciembre  Resumen del programa de anteojos (Spanish) 2013 December Eyeglass program update (English)   February 2014, Seventh Release January 2014, Sixth release Third, Fourth and Fifth Distributions, November and December 2013   Second distribution, June 2013   First distribution, March 2013  

  29 de Mayo 2012 Comunicado (Spanish) May 29, 2012 Press Release (English)   Distribution of Dengue Game in Paraguay (abc) Paraguayos en el exterior colaboran en la lucha contra el dengue ( Migrantes donan a escuelas juego educativo sobre dengue(