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2018  Programa de becas – Paraguayan American Scholarship Program     Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship winners! A ceremony was held on July 27 at  “I Love Paraguay”  to honor the recipients.        

CONPARMUSA  awarded  three $1,000 scholarships for 1st year Paraguayan American students entering college in the fall of 2017. Congratulations and best of luck to our 2017 recipients.      

Thanks for donating!!   Clara La Escuela Basica No. 2207 Cayo Benjamin Miranda Diaz located in Tapytangua Guazu, in the city of Acahay Paraguay offers children education from Kindergarten to 6th grade. The Students are in need of the following: School supplies, uniforms, books, clothes, shoes, jackets, desks, chairs, toiletries, hygiene supplies for all students and more!  Along with Conparmusa…