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About Us

Conparmusa is a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization, registered in the State of NY.  

Our mission  is to make a positive difference in the lives of Paraguayans by means of education, social development and providing resources. The organization will address issues affecting Paraguayans and coordinate efforts to help resolve these issues. They shall act as a point of reference for the community and engage different projects which will vary in nature, but should always be in the best interest of the Paraguayan community. 

**View/Download Components of the Congreso English version
**Ver/descarga Components of the Congreso Spanish version
**2013 Carta del Presidente (haga clic aquí)
**2013 Letter from the President (Click here)

Executive Board of Directors (Directorio Ejecutivo)

  • Ana Di Sessa, President
  • Elias Ubeda, Vice President
  • Anastacia Ramirez, Treasurer
  • Angel Servi,  Secretary

Board of Directors (Junta directiva)

  • Favio Bogado
  • Selso Britez
  • Silvio Frutos
  • Cantalicio Gamarra
  • Berta Gauto
  • Eleuterio Gauto
  • Robert Zalazar

Committee members (los miembros del comité)

  • Liliana Lundbeck (NJ Community activities)
  • Angie Ayala (NY Community activities)
  • Gregory Di Sessa (compliance / cumplimiento de la normativa)


Comunicado – Press Releases

Congreso de la Migración Paraguaya




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